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OurSQL Episode 205: How to Learn About MySQL

In this episode, we discuss resources available for learning more about MySQL and its forks.

OurSQL Episode 204: Just For Laughs

When we went monthly at the end of 2014, did you worry that we would forget our blooper show? This month's podcast is a blooper reel just for you - about 35 minutes of put-a-smile-on-your-face fun with insight as to how things work - or don't work - behind-the-scenes.

I hope your 2015 is going well!

OurSQL Episode 203: Scaling by Proxy Part 2

In this episode we finish our series on MaxScale. Ear candy is about using MySQL and Galera for geographic replication, and at the Movies uses MySQL to build big data applications.

OurSQL Episode 202: Scaling by Proxy

This episode we start a 2-part series on MaxScale, a scaling proxy for MySQL. Ear Candy is OS Query and At the Movies is about MaxScale.

OurSQL Episode 201: What are you doing?

This week we discuss user statistics in the MariaDB and Percona forks of MySQL.

OurSQL Episode 200: Information Security and Privacy

For our 200th episode, we interview security expert Bruce Schneier. We talk about plenty of topics including airport security and the TSA, PRISM and the NSA, wholesale surveillance, surveillance backwards in time, finding people who have disposable cellphones, about searches and co-travelers, why Facebook does not offer the ability to pay for your account, a bit about Firefox and its propensity to act in the user's interest, and the future of our public information.

OurSQL Episode 199: Make It Fast

This week, we discuss common MySQL performance tips.

OurSQL Episode 198: Swimming with Threads

This week, we discuss server thread pooling in MySQL and MariaDB. Ear Candy is a workaround for max key length in InnoDB, and At the Movies is Continuous Integration For Your Database Migrations.

OurSQL Episode 197: NoSQL for MySQLers

This week, we talk with Tim Callaghan of Tokutek about NoSQL for MySQLers. Ear Candy is getting rid of InnoDB temporary tables and At the Movies is about "Disaster Recovery Lessons I Hoped I'd Never Have to Learn".

OurSQL Episode 196: MySQL Central

This week we talk about the MySQL Central conference, formerly known as the MySQL Connect conference. Ear Candy is Federico Razzoli explainsing different ways to debug stored procedures in MariaDB 10, and At the Movies is how to use MySQL Fabric.