OSCon 2008 Video: Does Open Source Need to Be Organic?

A panel consisting of Brian Aker of MySQL, Rob Lanphier of Linden Lab, Stephen O'Grady of Redmonk, and Theodore Ts'o of the Linux Foundation gives some answers to the question, "Does Open Source Need to Be Organic?" This topic stemmed from a few posts by Ts'o a few months before OSCon.

From the official conference description:

there’s much more to a software project than just the license. Are software projects dominated by a single company still open source? Does a project need to be 'organic' to be truly open source? What does "organic" even mean in this context? Join us as we discuss these topics and more.

Stream directly online at http://technocation.org/node/614/play or download the 271 Mb .wmv file at http://technocation.org/node/614/download.